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       The images you see to the right of this text are example images for websites I can make. (Totally not images from google image search). If you like these websites, scroll down to access the shop. If you want to see more than these pictures, use the form at the bottom to contact me. These aren't my images, and I did get them from google image search and this is filler text because I can't think what to write here other than that. I don't intend to use this site for anything other than this project, because it has many problems with scaling window sizes and you can really only view it on these macs witht he window full-size or fullscreen. I might try to rewrite it so it works on multiple sizes, but I don't feel much like doing that at this time. That's the portfolio section completed.
An easy to setup, simple website with basic looks and amazing* content that you make yourself.
Option 1
takes longer, is more expensive, and looks better. Still don't help you with content.
Option 2
Complex, expensive website that is stunning and great and makes everyone go wooooo.
Option 3
totally an image of me
    DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT THE CAT IN THE PICTURE. Nor is the cat mine, mine is much more ugly and wouldn't even sit still for a picture like this. He loves to attack your feet as you pass the stairwell in an attempt to get you to feed him.

    I, however, do not attack people's feet when I need food. I am a human person and this is how they- I mean, we act. Except if you're a bit strange, then you might go after someone's feet. I personally would never do that, I can assure you.

    Other than that, I enjoy making websites, they're fun to make, and web design is a fun class. You should totaly buy a totally real website from my totally working store. Don't forget to contact me through the totally active contact form!

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